Grandparents are key to spiritual growth

girl praying

We all know the importance of love that is offered from grandparents.  Most are nurturing, supportive, and offers us so much love.

It’s a beautiful thing to grow up and receive the blessings of grandparents in our lives.  Some people are not fortunate to have that or they lose them early in life.

Many time grandparents provide more than just love, but they aid in our spiritual growth.  They take us to their places of worship, make sure we say our prayers and bless our food before we eat.

This article speaks to all that is spiritual from grandparents and serves as a great start to this blog.  We hope you find this of interest and will return to read future blog post.

Grandparents As “Spiritual Guides”

One of your most important, and sacred, roles as a grandparent involves cultivating your grandchild’s spiritual development. This is the role of “spiritual guide,” A most powerful role that can have a profound and lasting impact on the moral path your grandchild will take, and his relationship with nature and the numinous aspects of life. And because the limits of this role are boundless, if you are a stepgrandparent or if you have adopted grandchildren, you can fully serve as a spiritual guide to the young ones in your life.


The specific nature of your role as spiritual guide does not lend itself to description in clinical terms. We need another language to describe it. That is, because the spiritual aspects of the grandparent-grandchild relationship reach far beyond the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of human experience. It is easier to describe the smiles, the good times, the joy, and the warmth, the sharing -the sense of life’s true meaning – in emotional, sentimental terms, in poetry or literature.

Acting as a spiritual guide involves teaching your grandchild to harvest such fruits of the spirit as love, tolerance, compassion, reverence, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith and kindness. These tangible and intangible qualities are related to the deepest and most mysterious dimension of your relationship with your grandchild and find expression in the excitement and affection that you feel for each other.

via Grandparents as “Spiritual Guides” | Foundation for GrandparentingFoundation for Grandparenting.