Grandparents Foundation, Challenge:

  We at the Grandparents Foundation, have this question to ask what if you could put your money, where your mic is for a worthy Cause? if any of you would like to take us up on this challenge, then go on our Grandparents Foundation Facebook page and hit The fundrazar button, just donate $1.00 that’s all. and to those of you in the Chicago area, on Wednesday July 23rd our CEO Mic Willis will be presenting an award to the 11 year old Kangaroo Cup Inventor. so please come on out and support us. our children Are the future of the world and we at the Grandparents Foundation want to let them know how much we appreciate them. Mic Willis and her staff truly believe in this vision, that a love between a Grandparent and a Grandchild, fills a cup with kindness. so Please support us. thank you all, from the Grandparents Foundation.