On The Wings Of Love.

On The Wings Of Love.

On your wings of love, you will fly
through this life together

Holding hands and smiling
and facing whatever.

Rising above the obstacles that might
come your way

Gaining strength from one another
each and everyday.

You know that some days might have turbulence
and it will not always be an easy flight.

But there is one thing you must remember
and that is to never lose sight.

Experiencing the beauty that two people in love can share

And being sensitive to each other and showing,
that you both care.

Birds will be singing your songs of love

As sunlight beams down on you
from the skies above.

Your lives will be filled with happiness
and this we know is true, because

On this day your happy day
is dedicated to the
both of you.

May your love be sealed in heaven above
as you begin your flight on the wings
of love.   Written By BJ Trotter