Poem: There Is Nothing Like A Grandparents Love.

The protection that a Grandparent gives to us is like a blanket covering us with warmth and love, and their ability for them to be able to do this is a true testament of a gift from God above.

The wisdom, that our Grandparents show us through the stories that they share, is to mold us into good people and to show other’s that we truly care.

And each day as we go through this journey called life, we must be determined to be successful and to follow the path to always do what is morally right. now we stumble or even fall, but if we hold onto the hands of comfort that you our Grandparents will always be there to catch us through it all.

And the lessons that you taught us, some of them great and some of them small, if we complained about the food on our plate that we might not like, your words rang loud in our ears, my child just be thankful for what you do have, for some kids tonight there is no food at all.

Now for some of us, our Grandparents may be physically gone, but the memories of their love for us will always remain strong.


And as we look up into the clouds and see a face with a smile, so high up above, that will give us reason to know that there is nothing like a Grandparents love.