Supporting Young Girls Against Sex Trafficking

For those of us that have been raised with parents and grandparents, we may find it difficult to understand how young innocent girls end up in sex trafficking situations. There are many answers yet not as many solutions.

Can some of this be prevented if grandparents are able to assume responsibility for their children and know that they can receive support in doing so?

Many times grandparents don’t take children because of the expense, they just cannot always afford it.  If they are informed that they can gain custody and receive assistance, would they take custody of them and prevent problems such as this?

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Hundreds of protestors in Compton march against sex-trade trafficking

Compton mayor Aja Brown with volunteers from the Special Needs Network, who participated in the march against sex trafficking.

Chants of “Our children are not for sale!” echoed loudly along a stretch of Long Beach Boulevard as nearly 400 residents, members of church organizations, community activists and elected officials marched from Compton to Lynwood, ignoring a light evening drizzle to bring attention to the plight of children who are sexually trafficked.

“Every day, children as young as 12 are bought and sold by adult men,” said Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley Thomas, who organized the march. “We will shine a light on this despicable behavior. You, who come here days, nights, weekends to buy these girls, we see you. And we will bring changes throughout Los Angeles County and the state of California.”

via Hundreds of protestors in Compton march against sex-trade trafficking | | Bulletin Weekly.