Who Are The Grandparents Foundation?

Hello Family,

The Grandparents Foundation, is in the house. You might ask, who are the Grandparents Foundation? We are the one’s with the big heart, trying to help our local grandparents, who are raising their grandchildren.

We are the one’s trying to make sure, that no grandchild, has to go to back to school without a new uniform and a new pair of shoes. We are the one’s asking Barber’s and Hair Stylist’s, to please donate a few hours of their time, to cut or style a child’s hair.

We are the one’s who will travel to another city, to let a young girl know that we appreciate, her love for her grandfather. We are the one’s that asked President Obama to support us, which he has.  

 We are the one’s going out to our local Fire Department, to hand out donuts, just to say thank you, for your service to our community.

We are the one’s who will go out and lend a helping hand, to a 73-year-old widow grandparent by doing light home repairs.

And now that you have seen what the Grandparent Foundation is capable of doing, we are asking you for help, so that we can continue to do the things, that make life a little bit easier for our grandparents raising their grandchildren.

By donating just a few dollars, to help us build a village, that show grandparents and grandchildren that love can conquer all things.

And that is what the Grandparents Foundation, is all about. We will continue to believe and trust, that through God and you, all that we strive to do is possible.